Frequently Asked Questions

I've never been to a retreat before, what's it like?

During the retreat, we will try to live the Sikh way of life for a few days--doing paat, kirtan, playing sports, and having detailed discussions on various aspects of Sikhi. As perpetual students, we will engage each other in respectful dialog as we grapple with the True message of the Gurus as it applies to our lives.

The goal of any Sikh Retreat is to create the experience of sangat--a community of humble people interested in reaching the Divine. That's why we chose sangat as our first theme back in 2005. We want to create an environment where questioning and developing our understanding of our faith is welcome, an open community forum where we can dive deep into Sikhi, find others on the same path, and have fun.

Where is the camp located?

The camp is located here: Olympic Park Google Maps Link

Is this an annual affair?

Yes, the retreat happens every Memorial Day Weekend, and is now in its 5th year.

What's the focus or theme of this year's retreat?

It's "Inspiration From Within: Unlocking Sikh Creativity". Learn more here.

Who is the target audience? Kids? Youth?

It's targeted to Young Professionals and Students Age 18-39. No one under the age of 18 will be admitted to the Seattle Sikh Retreat. Sorry, this is a strict rule, no exceptions. If you're looking for a Youth Camp look no further than the West Coast Sikh Youth Alliance or the outstanding programs organized by the Seattle Gurdwara.

What sort of food will be served?

We'll have vegetarian cuisine. It's not "langar" however -- expect most (but not all) meals will be prepared by the retreat site staff.

I'm planning to fly in, what's the airport?

Seattle-Tacoma airport, code SEA. See the directions page for more travel info and requested flight times.

Are you looking for sponsors?

Great question. Yes we are. The retreat is entirely funded by registrations and generous donors like you. The Seattle Sikh Retreat is a registered charity in the State of Washington. If you would like to help by sponsoring/donating one of the meals or the flights for some of the speakers, or in any other way, please contact us at seattlesikh @

I'm Canadian. Can I attend?

Yes. Anyone can attend. The philosophical prerequisites are an open mind, and a desire to increase your Sikhi quotient.

What should I bring?

Here's a short list of things you need:

- Pillow, Sleeping bag and/or blankets and sheets (Mattress Provided). For a $17 fee, the site can provide you with a pillow, sheet, and
blanket. (Let us know, and FYI, There's a coin operated washer and dryer on site).
- Towels
- Head covering for entirety of the retreat. (Rumaal, bandanna, patka, keski, dastaar, etc)
- Clothes & Socks (warm/hot days and cool nights/mornings)
- Personal stuff (toothbrush/paste, deodorant, shampoo/conditioner, brush/comb, soap, tata, Allergy meds/aspirin/other meds, etc)
- Rain gear & Bug repellant (We are in the Olympic RAINFOREST, you need these things).
- For Visual Arts Workshop: Please bring: a sketchbook if you have one, materials for collaging (e.g. photos, ticket stubs, travel momentos, interesting bits of cloth or paper, basically anything visually interesting that can be stuck on, glued on, etc.) and any drawing materials if you have them. (No need to go buy anything, but if you have it, bring it).
- Sweatshirts and/or a hoodie (for night)
- Hiking shoes and good sandals (not flip flops)
- Swim clothes (Optional water shoes)- Reusable water bottle
- Alarm Clock
- Good attitude and imagination!

- Sun block
- Shawl
- Shower shoes (can be flip flops)
- Flash light
- Camp chair
- Camera
- Musical instruments
- Etc.

Kudarat '11
Inspiration from within

JULY 21 - 24, 2011

Young Professionals & Students
Age 18-39

Olympic Park Institute
Port Angeles, Washington

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"I think divan both morning and evening went great. Reinsabaye was awesome. Awesome!!! Boating, wall climbing, giant swing was fun fun!!!"

"The volunteers made the weekend flow very well. I enjoyed the sangat, kirtan, boating and oranges."

"The humility of all the sevadars made it a very smooth experience. Divan was blissful."

"For the second year in a row, SSR has been a wonderful experience. I’ve made some life long friendships and met an amazing sangat."

"I have experienced some of the BEST moments of my life with the SSR sangat – Infinite Thanks to Waheguru Almighty!!!"

"Thank you for making me feel proud to be Guru’s Prince/Princess. Thank you for making my memorial day weekend so memorable!"