Retreat '05 — October 28 - 30, 2005

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Sangat: From Seclusion to Inclusion

Are you curious about Sikhism? Have you always had questions, but felt gurdwara wasn't the right forum? Were you born into Sikhi, but not really sure of how to take it further in your life? Join other Sikhs just like yourself for Seattle Sikh Retreat 2005 this Halloween weekend!




Speakers: Dr. I. J. Singh, Harpreet Singh, & Parminder Singh

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Dr. I. J. Singh: See his profile on the Sikh Foundation website. Here's a link to one of his books on Amazon. I. J. Singh will kick off the retreat with a session on our theme, Sangat.

Harpreet Singh will also be there to challenge and guide us. Take a look at his profile on the Harvard Pluralism project's website. See if you can pick out Harpreet Singh in the photo from an interfaith UN prayer service at right.

Have you heard of XBox? Did you know that the director of advanced planning and business strategy for it was a Sikh? Parminder Singh [profile] will show us how to apply Sikh values in the business world. Update: Parminder Singh is currently the director of Microsoft's Canada Development Center.